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Hark! A Vagrant

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Zany Uncle Bilbo has a timeshare in Rivendell, it’s a great place to really get inspired.

(This is Fellowship-Era Bilbo, I do want to eventually tackle the characters of The Hobbit but I probably need to reread it before I do.)

(For the rest of the Broship of the Ring series, click here!)


“Will Zooey Deschanel find love in her new show? She’s so WEIRD and QUIRKY who would ever be attracted to that LOL. I’m sure Zooey is a real nice gal but I want Hollywood to stop telling me I will like this.”

- Kate Beaton


“Will Zooey Deschanel find love in her new show? She’s so WEIRD and QUIRKY who would ever be attracted to that LOL. I’m sure Zooey is a real nice gal but I want Hollywood to stop telling me I will like this.”

- Kate Beaton

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Yaya Han cosplaying as Domino at New York Comic Con 2011.

Photo by Judy Stephens

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Hanie Mohd’s DC Ladies In Sweaters!

Loving that this is a thing now.



Superman Fan Mike Meyer Shares Donated Comics & Collectibles With Children’s Hospital

It didn’t seem like there could be a better ending to the case of Mike Meyer than the return of his vast collection of Superman comic books and collectibles following their alleged theft by a man who pretended to be his friend, but we think you’ll agree this is it. As we reported previously, the comics community rallied in support of Meyer, a 48-year-old lifelong Superman fan who lives on part-time work at McDonald’s and Social Security for a mental disability, by organizing a drive to replace the items that had been so cruelly stolen. With his collection now recovered by police and the alleged thief in jail, Meyer took a cue from the selfless superhero he idolizes by donating to a local children’s hospital the excess items that were donated to him.

STLToday.com reports that six boxes of Superman items were made available to the St. Louis Children’s hospital’s Wednesday bingo game last week, which quadrupled the number of prizes usually available to the facility’s sick and injured kids.

“When you make somebody happy, it does something for you, too,” said Meyer, in the best tradition of the Man of Steel.

Read more at ComicsAlliance.

I’m not crying at work.

I am not.

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[tw: discussion of misogyny] To the girls who actually know comic book characters



Yeah, but we all still think you’re a dick?  Because you’re that person who thinks that a woman in a superhero t-shirt is somehow a ‘slut’ (the most realistic leap of logic I’ve ever witnessed) until it’s proven that she can tell you that Superman’s real name is Clark Kent? (And don’t ‘aha! his real name is Kal-El!’ me because motherfucker I will win that argument.)  A woman could be wearing a superhero shirt for a variety of reasons unrelated to her knowledge of comic book mythos (it was a gift, she liked the movie, she doesn’t feel like doing laundry and her sister’s clothes fit her fine, she likes the logo, she wants to impress a cute person) but none of those reasons is reason enough for your misogynistic and hostile attitude.

And let’s step back, it’s great that you’re ~approving of girls who “actually know comic book characters”, but your attitude is one of the major reasons girls avoid comics.  It’s not fun being treated like you’re a poser until proven otherwise.  It’s not fun having to deal with people assuming you know less than them, or that you couldn’t possibly be earnestly invested in Jaime Reyes’ family life, or that you probably only read indie comics.  You make being a girl geek an unpleasant experience.

The other day I was in the comic book store and a customer approached the guy working behind the counter and asked “How do you get girls in here?”  In the store at the time was my best friend Sadie (who works there) her (lady) cousin, the dickwad asking the question, another store worker (who he was addressing) and myself.  That shit is not fun.  Having your every geek encounter questioned because of your gender identity is not fun.  He found the only other man in the room and made three women feel unimportant and like some kind of comic book store unicorn.  In his mind there was no reason why women should be in the store if not for the kindly guidance of a dude.  

That’s what you’re doing.  When you assume that women who are wearing comic book shirts are only doing so for male attention you’re repulsing actual lady geeks who you supposedly ‘approve of.’  So sit the fuck down.

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